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Both parents share the responsibility to financially support their children. When parents divorce, the court divides that responsibility between the parents according to statutory guidelines and formulas. Many factors go into these formulas, and it is important that child support be calculated correctly so that it is fair to you and your children. The Charlotte child support attorneys at Randall & Stump, PLLC are thoroughly familiar with the North Carolina child support guidelines and can be an invaluable help in making sure child support in your divorce is calculated fairly, whether you are the paying spouse or receiving spouse.

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Calculating Child Support under the North Carolina Guidelines

The North Carolina guidelines for child support use a formula that combines the incomes of both parents and then calculates each parent’s share of support based on the number of children to be supported and the division of child custody between the parents. There is a presumption that the monthly amount arrived at using the guidelines is the proper amount. However, this presumption can be rebutted with evidence showing that a deviation from the guideline amount is appropriate. Either parent may request a deviation – either up or down – from the guideline amount, and the judge has the power to deviate from the guideline amount even if neither parent requests it. The needs of the children as well as the parents’ financial abilities are all taken into account when considering a deviation. One example of where a deviation may be appropriate is if the guidelines wind up having one parent paying the entire support obligation plus all of the health insurance.

The formula used in the guidelines arrives at a basic support obligation, but there may be additional support required based on child care costs, health insurance and health care costs, and other extraordinary expenses, such as special education needs, or the cost of transporting the children between homes for custody exchanges.

How Our Charlotte Family Law Attorneys Can Help

It is critical for a fair and accurate child support calculation that all relevant income be included and reported correctly. Unfortunately, some spouses seek to hide or mask their true income in order to pay less or receive more than they should. Our Charlotte Family Law attorneys can help make sure that income is reported accurately, including complex situations where a spouse is self-employed or a business owner. If a spouse is unemployed or underemployed, we help ensure that the court imputes the proper income level that the spouse could or should be making. Pre-existing support obligations or financial responsibility for other children can also make the child support calculation more difficult; our lawyers are effective advocates in North Carolina child support matters, no matter how complicated or complex.

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