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Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney

Sometimes, in a relationship disputes can be misconstrued and blown out of proportion, while in other instances, disputes can become physical and result in domestic abuse. Whether you are the injured party or the party being accused of abuse, the attorneys at Randall & Stump, PLLC are here to fight for you and have years of experience doing so.

Contact us online or by telephone at 980-237-4579 to arrange an initial consultation with a skilled Charlotte domestic violence attorney.

Facts about Domestic Violence in North Carolina Family Law Matters

A domestic violence protective order (DVPO) is a civil order of the district court. As such, it is generally enforced through contempt proceedings. However, a DVPO violation may be a criminal offense.

An individual may file to obtain a DVPO in North Carolina, if she or he is the victim of domestic violence, has been threatened with domestic violence, or has been stalked or harassed to such a level as to cause significant emotional distress.

DVPO’s, generally, prevent the defendant from coming within a certain distance of the plaintiff and from having any contact with the plaintiff, for a period of one year. In some cases, the same restrictions can be implemented to prevent the defendant from being around the children, as well.

Our family law attorneys will help you navigate the traditional challenges relating to divorce, such as financial support, child custody, and property distribution, as well as the unique issues some same-sex couples face.

Obviously, a DVPO can have a huge impact on a North Carolina divorce or child custody matter. Be sure to visit with an experienced family law attorney as part of the process of seeking or challenging a DVPO, so that you fully understand the impact this order may have on you and your family.

Contact Our Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney

Consult with a North Carolina domestic violence at Randall & Stump, PLLC whether you are looking to request a domestic violence protective order or are looking for defense against one. Contact the Charlotte domestic violence attorneys at Randall & Stump, PLLC immediately! Call us today at 980-237-4579.

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