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Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Another approach to resolving a family law case is what’s termed collaborative divorce, which is where both parties agree to work together in lieu of using litigation to resolve their divorce. Collaborative law may work well in situations where the former spouses are willing to approach the negotiation table with full disclosure and the willingness to work together constructively in an effort to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Unlike other options, using collaborative law offers the parties a relatively inexpensive and effective way to resolve issues.

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

Unlike other more adversarial approaches, a collaborative divorce takes a serious commitment from former spouses to share all information openly, treat each other with respect and abstain from being combative. At the outset of the case, former spouses agree, along with their respective attorneys, to hold a series of structured meetings in an effort to work toward a final settlement.

In order to ensure that the attorneys involved on both sides have a vested interest in successfully reaching a resolution, the attorneys must withdraw from further representation if they fail to reach a settlement that is approved by both sides.

If a collaborative divorce is the best approach for your particular situation, the divorce attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC are prepared to help you through the process in hopes of reaching an agreement that best benefits you and avoids the long, drawn out process of a contested divorce.

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