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Terrified Of Appearing In Court? Let Us Ease Your Anxiety And Stress. Going to Court For Your Divorce

While going to court may seem like a daunting endeavor, it is second nature to the divorce attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC. Although embarking on a journey leading to a divorce trial is not necessarily the first option that should be pursued in your case, sometimes there is no other option. The court system, in North Carolina, is an invaluable tool in family law cases when dealing with a combative former spouse who is difficult, abusive, dishonest, and/or disrespectful to you and the process. As stated above, while litigation may not be the best course of action at the outset of your case, the divorce attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC are always preparing your case for trial, as what starts as a smooth process of negotiations can always hit a roadblock, leaving no choice but to pursue court action. Our goal is to always be prepared for the unexpected in an effort to achieve the best result we can for you! Contact us online or by telephone at 704.342.4357 to arrange an initial consultation with a skilledĀ Charlotte divorce court attorney.

Unlike the other options found on our website, the litigation process is much more involved and calls for a series of court filings. The Plaintiff or person bringing suit begins the process by filing what is called a complaint, which contains requests for relief. After receiving the complaint, the defendant prepares an answer, which will typically include a series of counterclaims, as well as responses to the requests for relief. In addition to the two filings previously mentioned, the court will also request other filings, depending on the nature of the case, in preparation for the pending trial.

Just because a complaint has been filed, this does not mean the other options to resolve outstanding issues in your divorce are not available. In fact, while your case is pending trial, the attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC will continue efforts to resolve outstanding issues using tools such as settlement negotiations and mediation.

If we are unable to resolve the issues without the court’s involvement, then your case will proceed to trial. Once the judge hears the testimony of witnesses, reviews the evidence, reviews any exhibits submitted, and hears arguments from both sides, he or she will issue an order detailing the court’s decision.

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If you are looking for zealous representation for your divorce, contact the Divorce Litigation Attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC now! Call us today at 704.342.4357 to set up a consultation so we can sit down with you to review your case.

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