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Charlotte Settlement Negotiation Attorney

Divorce in North Carolina doesn’t have to involve protracted litigation or a nasty legal battle in court.  Settlement negotiation may allow you to avoid the anxiety and stress of a hotly contested courtroom dispute. It may also prove to reduce legal fees and the costs associated with presenting claims in Family Court.

Depending on the willingness of the parties to negotiate in good faith, our Charlotte family law attorneys can work with you to draft settlement proposals and come to a fair settlement.  Indeed, there are options such as collaborative law or a collaborative divorce in North Carolina that may allow for a mutually acceptable disposition of marital assets or agreements involving child visitation, joint custody, and even support.

Effective negotiation is, at least in part, often grounded in courtroom advocacy.  That may seem odd.  Why would negotiating a legal issue involve discussing trial strategies or the trial skills of your divorce lawyer?

As it pertains to separation and divorce, preparation is often key; but, so is the ability and willingness of your Charlotte divorce lawyer to say, if things come to an impasse and reasonable minds fail to prevail, “We’ll see you in court – Chris Beddow, Divorce Lawyer Charlotte NC

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The Process and Effect of Divorce Settlement Negotiation

If negotiations between the parties are successful, the result would be a mutually agreeable separation agreement and property settlement that is enforceable by the court. If the parties, through their attorneys, are able to work through the decisionmaking process together, you could avoid a great deal of stress, anxiety, and inconvenience of multiple court appearances to address these same issues.

If negotiations between you and your former spouse fail, the attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC will assess your individual situation and recommend taking a new approach to resolving the outstanding issues. Adopting a new and aggressive approach to your case, after other, more amicable, approaches have failed, can often jumpstart stalled negotiations and lead to an eventual settlement.

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