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Charlotte Same Sex Marriage Attorney

As of October 2014, same-sex marriage has been recognized in North Carolina. A valid same-sex marriage from another state is also recognized in North Carolina. Same-sex couples wishing to end their marriages face the same challenges as other couples.

Unfortunately for the parties, some of these challenges can be more complicated for same-sex couples. For example, same-sex couples, who have been together for decades, will not be recognized by the Court for the years prior to the legal marriage. Contact us online or by telephone at 704.342.4357 to arrange an initial consultation with a skilled Charlotte same sex marriage attorney.

Child Custody Issues Faced by Same Sex Couples

Another matter to keep in mind and of great importance is child custody. In North Carolina, a child conceived during a marriage is presumed to be the biological child of both parents, which means both parents will receive automatic parental rights. However, these rights are not guaranteed. For same-sex parents, the non-biological parent can guarantee his or her rights by formally adopting the child. Completing this adoption can require going to court to terminate the other biological parent’s parental rights, so advice and representation from knowledgeable and effective family law attorneys is critical.

At Powers Landreth PLLC we realize it is not an easy decision to end a marriage, and the stress that follows can be overwhelming. Our family law attorneys will help you navigate the traditional challenges relating to divorce such as financial support, child custody, and property distribution, as well as the unique issues some same-sex couples face.

Contact Our Charlotte Same Sex Marriage Attorneys Today

For any of your questions about gay or lesbian family planning, marital agreements, divorce, adoption or child custody, consult with a Charlotte same sex attorney at Powers Landreth PLLC. Contact the Charlotte same sex attorneys at Powers Landreth PLLC immediately! Call us today at 704.342.4357.

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